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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop

Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop Biography
Within the first few hours I spent playing Final Fantasy IX, I predicted  that opinions over it would be sharply contrasting. Much of today's  following of the Final Fantasy series consists of people who were brought on  board with Final Fantasy VII, which is often credited with single-handedly  bringing RPGs into the mainstream. So, we have a lot of FF fans out there  who never experienced the first two thirds of the series, and never bothered  to get the previous games because of a stigma against anything on outdated  consoles.

Now we have Final Fantasy IX, a game which is basically a response to  long-time series fans' complaints about the direction the series has been  taking. I was definitely one of these complainants. While I loved FFVII,  FFVIII had serious problems with both its plot and gameplay. What these two  games had in common is that they almost completely lost touch with the  fantasy elements of their predecessors, becoming entirely sci-fi outings  instead of the blend of genres that has made Final Fantasy so interesting.

I think almost everyone who is a long-time fan of the series and enjoyed the  feel of the first six installments is going love Final Fantasy IX. As for  the people who are new to the series, FFIX will be different from what  they've experienced up to this point. Some may be quick to embrace it, while  it will probably turn many people off.

So how much of Final Fantasy IX is a retro experience? To begin with, FFIX's  plot shows the effort to return to the style of pre-PSX Final Fantasies. The  world of FFIX is vastly medieval, with technology playing a limited role.  It's still a world of mixed genres, but when you spend the game walking  through castles and cobblestone paths instead of concrete roads and neon  skyscrapers, you can tell the difference.

The party is back up to four, a welcome correction after two games with the  decidedly underwhelming party of three. This four-person party is very  important, because like early FFs, the emphasis in FFIX is on having a  well-balanced party instead of highly customizable individual characters. In  FFVII and VIII, the characters were basically blank slates that you could  build up any way you wanted, with very few individual characteristics  (basically the limit breaks). In FFIX, characters each have classes once  again-- not every character can do every technique or spell. There are  fighters who will never be able to cast magic and mages who will be  extremely weak fighters but powerful magic users. You also have characters  who are mostly healers, and the return of FF classes like Dragoon and Blue  Mage. The idea of course is to create a balanced party using these classes. Full Review...

Final Fantasy IX Information
Game: Final Fantasy IX
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square Japan, Square EA, Infogrames
Genre: RPG
Medium: CD
Platform: PSX, PSOne

Final Fantasy IX Release Date
Japan: 07/7/2000
USA: 11/14/2000
Europe: 02/16/2001

Final Fantasy IX Box Arts
« Japan » « USA » « Europe »

Table of Contents
Index - For standard Final Fantasy IX information as well as boxart and our own review.

Ability List - Find out the abilities each character knows. No need to worry about what abilities each character knows, now you can find out.

Ability Properties - New to Final Fantasy IX then you need this. A full list of abilities, effects and costs.

Add-On List - Stat boosts, these Add-on accessories can help you with boosts to several stats at once.

Arm Gear List - More accessories to help you during Final Fantasy IX. Find out if they can help.

Armor List - learn to defend yourself with the best equipment. Armor will help you a lot, find out which armor is in Final Fantasy IX and if it can help you.

Battle System - Final Fantasy IX has it's own battle system, similar but different to the others. Learn more about it

Beatrix Guide - Find out what you need to have Beatrix in in your party and how you should use her.

Black Magic List - Magic and MP, find out what the Final Fantasy IX black magic is and how much it costs.

Card Listing - For a complete list of Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master cards as well as images.

Characters - For information on the characters of Final Fantasy IX such as name as well as personal bio.

Cheat Codes - These aren't Final Fantasy IX cheats, but secrets. Find out strange new secrets, games and things you never thought was possible.

Chocobo - They are big, fluffy and taste unsurprising like Chicken. Find out how to the the Chocobo's of Final Fantasy IX can help you.

Chocobo Air Garden - Find out where Final Fantasy IX's chocobo Air Garden appears.

Chocographs - Find out how to complete another of the Final Fantasy IX minigames, including images.

Eidolons - Summons, Powerful but limited to two characters. Find out which summons are in Final Fantasy IX and information about their attacks.

Elements Guide - Find out which elements effect which types of monsters. Final Fantasy IX just got that bit much more easy.

Excalibur 2 Guide - Steiner's ultimate weapon. Find out how you can get through the game and get this weapon in less than 12 hours!

Gameplay - Find out some of the gameplay features of Final Fantasy IX

GameShark Codes - Although there are no built in cheats for Final Fantasy IX. Using GameShark you will be able to unlock everything using these codes and the GS CD.

Hades Guide - Hades, an extremely hard optional boss. Read our Final Fantasy IX strategy on how to defeat him.

Head Gear List - For extra defence, wear a hat. Find out which Final Fantasy IX head gear can help you.

Hunting Festival - 12 minutes, 1 man. Find out which creatures give you the most points and see if you can complete this Final Fantasy IX quest.

Instruction Manual - Downloaded Final Fantasy IX or got it preowned then this is for you, the Final Fantasy IX booklet read for you to read.

Key Items List - 16 key items, 16 locations and 16 effects. Find out what the Final Fantasy IX key items are and where to get them.

Level Chart - Higher EXP equals higher level, find out how much you'll need to get to max out your Final Fantasy IX or just see how much you'll need to reach the next level.

Menu Translation - If you can read this then you know Japanese, but these screens gave fans an idea of what the games menu system would look like before the english version was released.

Mognet Guide - While on your journey through Final Fantasy IX, you take the surprise of a mailman. Find who you need to deliver messages for and their recipients.

Ozma Guide- Just when you think you've finished Final Fantasy IX, remember that there are other bosses you can fight. Ozma is a difficult boss and this guide will help.

Prima Vista - Some technical specs of Final Fantasy IX's Prima Vista Airship.

Shop List - As time goes by, Final Fantasy IX shops will get in new stock. Find out what they get and when they get it.

Side Quests - This is something all Final Fantasy IX fans should read. A complete list of side quests and how to complete them.

Status Effects - Status effects are bad, but in Final Fantasy IX they are worse. With more status effects than in previous games, you need to know what can affect you and what can cure you.

Stellazzio Coins List - 13 coins, 13 rewards. Find out how to complete this Final Fantasy IX sidequest.

Synthesis Shop List - Sometimes you can't find or buy the best accessories, in Final Fantasy IX you need to make them.

Tetra Master - Final Fantasy IX decided to remove Triple Triad and decided to go with Tetra Master. Learn the basics of playing and which cards are available in the game.

Trance Mode - With great power comes great responsibility, or you can just use this great power to kick ass. Learn everything you need to know about Trance

Ultimate Weapons - As you increase your skill and power, don't settle for anything less than the Ultimate Weapons. Learn the location of the Ultimate Final Fantasy IX weapons for your characters.

Walkthrough - Even the best need help and without this complete Final Fantasy IX walkthrough you will have all the help you need.

Weapon List - Sometimes a weapon isn't good enough. This list of Weapons and their bonuses will help you decided which is the best weapon for you.

White Magic List - With two white mages available, make sure you pick the right one for the right task. With this magic list it will be easier to know who can do what and how much it will cost.

Worldmap - The World is a big place. If you don't want to get lost or need to find a location, this is right for you.

Animated GIFs - Animated Final Fantasy IX sprites. Small enough to even be used as avatars.

Artworks - Official, high quality artwork done the ever popular and renowned Yoshitaka Amano.

Full Movies - FMVs of Final Fantasy IX from disc's 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Lyrics - Melodies of Life was a beautiful song used in Final Fantasy IX. Now you can read the lyrics and perhaps sing along.

Midi Files - Want to find your favourite Final Fantasy IX song but don't want to waste time on large files? Well these midi files may be what you need.

OST Track List - Almost 160 songs were made for Final Fantasy IX but 110 were released on the four disc soundtrack, find out which made it.

OST+ Track List - The missing music from the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. 42 songs that never made it to the OST.

Piano Scores - Heard the Final Fantasy IX songs? Well now you can play it.

Screenshots - View these high quality Final Fantasy IX screenshots. From FMV, causal chatting and menu's.

Wallpapers - In a mix of 800x600 and 1024x768, these 27 high quality and official Final Fantasy IX wallpapers will look good as your desktop.
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers For Desktop
Fantasy Wallpapers/ Backgrounds
Fantasy Wallpapers World, Extreme ways soundtrack


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